Friday, August 19, 2011


Why is it that when I try so hard
to stay focused and do what is right,
I get more and more tempted
and try with all my might,
to not give in and not do wrong
but it just gets too tough,
no matter how hard I try
it never seems enough,
I wish that things were easy
but that's not always the case,
I'm not supposed to eat the fruit
but I just want a little taste,
I know that this is just a test
I don't know if I will pass,
I'm trying my very hardest
but I feel at the back of my class,
I hope that someday I will live
long enough to know,
I know that someday I will see
all this hard work show.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Leave Me Alone

(It seems strange that a 14-year-old would say something like, "leave me alone!" But, this was a poetic expression of how I felt at that time.)

I feel crowded
too many faces,
when I am scared
my mind races,
no-one will leave
leave me alone,
I have to stay here
why can't I go home,
I don't know why
they monitor my music
I don't see why
they won't let me choose it,

Leave me alone
and I'll do the same,
then when I am mad
I'll have no-one to blame,
but myself and my mind
work together as one,
when I write poetry
I get things done,
or just express my feelings
in a poetic form,
I need a real home
not just a dorm,

They probably try hard
to make me feel good,
I am not satisfied
maybe I should,
I do not know
maybe I am insane,
leave me alone
or it's you
I will blame.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


All is dark
no audible noise
but the listless breathing
of nine dreaming boys
I do not stir
or turn on a light
so as not to disturb
this blissful night
I fall sound asleep
then I travel afar
to worlds without numbers
to a place beyond stars
where there is no beginning
nor is there an end
There exists no enemies
yet there are many friends
Infinity plus one
is there such a place?
How do I arrive there
how often I taste
I feel so close
but so far away
because, here, sound asleep
in my bed I lay
I often wonder
for goodness sake
why I get so close
and then I awake.

Fork in the Road

Right or wrong
that is the question
Good or evil
which way do I go
How do I choose
amidst all the contention
Which is the best
How do I know


He wakes late at night
covered in sweat
frightened to death
scared of the threat.
Anticipation of death
is a far greater fright
than death itself
late at night.


We race through your mind
during consciousness
While you're alert
we seldom rest
When you're asleep
we turn into dreams
We can be frightening
or pleasant, it seems
with us, you are capable
of a normal life
Without us, you would
live, or die, in strife
Most people have us
Most animals too
We are thoughts
What are you?


is comfort
piercing the blackness

Nobody Knows

What is life?
What does it mean?
What is death?
How is it foreseen?
Why does it end?
Why does it begin?
What does it mean?
How do I fit in?
Where do we come from?
Where do we go?
What does it mean?
Nobody knows.


What is hate
What is fear
What is love
What are tears
What is jealousy
What is shame
What are emotions
They are my name

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

Forget me not
when you depart
Forget me not
you're part of my heart
Forget me not
when you leave for good
Forget me not
I know others would
Forget me not
remember me true
and I'll remember
to remember you


Death, seems
grim and dreary
most people think
that it's painful and scary
but to some, to few
it's an opportunity
to go down with pride
and be looked upon highly
to be a hero
for the young and old
to be regarded
as fearless and bold
to live beyond death
is a far greater prize
than anything else
no matter the size
the way a hero dies
is a death without worry
the death of a true hero
is a death filled with glory