Saturday, July 23, 2011

What Good Would it do?

This was written in 1994 when I was 14 years old.

What Good Would it do?

What good would it do
if I ran away?
How would it help me
to this very day?
I know it would cause
more bad than good.
It would cause more grief
than anyone should
have to put up with
throughout their life.
Noone should have to
cope with the strife.
What good would it do
if I started to smoke?
What do I think?
Do I think it’s a joke?
It’s not really funny.
In fact not at all.
If I was a smoker
I would start to fall.
Fall as in
to go down hill.
Go downhill as in
lose all of my skill.
What good would it do
if I caused more grief?
How would it help
if I turned a new leaf?
How would it help
to be in someone else’s shoes.
How would it help?
What good would it do?


  1. I've always liked this poem <3 It's so insightful :)

  2. Thanks. Did you read it shortly after I wrote it in 1994?


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